Farnham Castle Weddings

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Farnham Castle_001Farnham Castle Weddings

Gemma & Matt’s wedding at Farnham castle.

Farnham castle is the most stunning wedding venue in Farnham, Surrey, offering a distinct and elegant location for Matt & Gamma’s wedding ceremony and reception.

With beautifully appointed rooms and stunning gardens, this is a must see venue for such a momentous occasion and it was a privilege to photograph the wedding of such a great couple along with their wonderful family and friends.

As a professional wedding photographer, Farnham Castle offers great interior locations, beautiful gardens and the romance of the castle keep. Nothing could offer a better backdrop for those fun, elegant and romantic photographs that I love to create.   Photographers for the day: Alan Bowman and Steve Street.


Farnham Castle_003 Farnham Castle_004 Farnham Castle_006 Farnham Castle_007 Farnham Castle_009 Farnham Castle_010 Farnham Castle_018 Farnham Castle_012Farnham Castle_014  Farnham Castle_013  Farnham Castle_019 Farnham Castle_021 Farnham Castle_022 Farnham Castle_024 Farnham Castle_025 Farnham Castle_026 Farnham Castle_027 Farnham Castle_029 Farnham Castle_030 Farnham Castle_031 Farnham Castle_032 Farnham Castle_033 Farnham Castle_034 Farnham Castle_035 Farnham Castle_037 Farnham Castle_038 Farnham Castle_040 Farnham Castle_041 Farnham Castle_043 Farnham Castle_044 Farnham Castle_046 Farnham Castle_047 Farnham Castle_048 Farnham Castle_049 Farnham Castle_050 Farnham Castle_052 Farnham Castle_055 Farnham Castle_056 Farnham Castle_058 Farnham Castle_059 Farnham Castle_060 Farnham Castle_062 Farnham Castle_064 Farnham Castle_065 Farnham Castle_066 Farnham Castle_071 Farnham Castle_072 Farnham Castle_078 Farnham Castle_076 Farnham Castle_074 Farnham Castle_079 Farnham Castle_081 Farnham Castle_082 Farnham Castle_084 Farnham Castle_085 Farnham Castle_087 Farnham Castle_088 Farnham Castle_092 Farnham Castle_093 Farnham Castle_094 Farnham Castle_095 Farnham Castle_096 Farnham Castle_098 Farnham Castle_099 Farnham Castle_100 Farnham Castle_101 Farnham Castle_104 Farnham Castle_105 Farnham Castle_106 Farnham Castle_107 Farnham Castle_109 Farnham Castle_110 Farnham Castle_112 Farnham Castle_114 Farnham Castle_117 Farnham Castle_122 Farnham Castle_123 Farnham Castle_125 Farnham Castle_126 Farnham Castle_127 Farnham Castle_128 Farnham Castle_129 Farnham Castle_130 Farnham Castle_131 Farnham Castle_132 Farnham Castle_133 Farnham Castle_135 Farnham Castle_137



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