Wedding Album Design

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Wedding Album Design

A wedding photographer’s day is not just about being there on the day of the wedding doing the shoot. It’s also about three or four days preparing the images for print. And a further day or so designing the layout of the wedding album. After a long and wonderfully enriching day at a wedding and capturing a thousand or so images the editing and selection process is an art in its own right. Being creative on the day with composition and lighting is now enhanced with the use of software. For me the design layout of a large wedding album is an exciting prospect. Selecting images that complement each other side by side on a page or an opposing page is all about balance and visual dexterity. Will a black and white image work next to two or three colour images on the same page? Sometimes yes sometimes not. Also the bride and groom usually have a colour theme for their wedding and this themed colour or vintage themed wedding backdrop can be used to stir the evocative memory of the day by inlaying the colours in the background of the layout. This recent design illustrates an A3 landscape format recently completed for a client.  Thanks should also go to my wedding album supplier GF Smith for their quality hand finished albums and design software.

Page 01 Page 02 Page 03 Page 04 Page 05 Page 06 Page 07 Page 08 Page 09 Page 010 Page 011 Page 012 Page 013 Page 014 Page 015 Page 016 Page 017 Page 018 Page 019 Page 020 Page 021 Page 022 Page 023 Page 024


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