Wedding engagement photography, A pre-wedding photoshoot

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EngagementWedding engagement photography –  A pre wedding photoshoot, begin creating a lifetime of lasting memories!!

A pre-wedding shoot at your wedding venue is a great idea to develop that essential relationship between you and your photographer prior to the big day.

The pre-wedding shoot helps develop a good working relationship, build trust and gain confidence in front of the camera. Above all, find out how much fun it can be being photographed! Together we can create images that encapsulate your relationship; being close being happy being in love and having fun.https://alanbowmanphotography.proimageblogs.com/free-pre-wedding-photo-shoot/

Developing a relationship is important in achieving that trust on your wedding day. Trust will result in a seamless marriage between photographer and client. You and your guests can relax resulting in natural, spontaneous images that capture the story of your day. My job is to be a part of your wedding without intrusion or interruption to the flow of your day. Creating a complete record of the day’s events as they unfold. Though working in a contemporary style. I am fully aware of the need for a blend of candid images and an expected number of traditional family group photographs. Your wedding is unique to you and I will be there to tell your story.

Wedding photography is all about people, but it’s also about capturing the detail. You have planned your day meticulously. Giving a huge amount of thought and time choosing your dress, the groom, grooms men and bridesmaids outfits. Not forgetting your choice of colour scheme for the banquette at your reception. So it’s vitally important that I document everything that sets the scene and captures the atmosphere of your whole day.

Following your wedding you will want me to design a beautiful wedding album as a record  of your day. An album that you will treasure for many years to come. I have a range of contemporary handmade albums and each of my clients receive a bespoke design making each album unique.

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